Moringa Garden’s Mustard

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MoringaGarden’s mustard sweet

The distinctive sweetness of honey gives this Moringa mustard the perfect combination of sharpness and sweetness. Perfect with cheese or in salad dressings.

Ingredients: yellow and brown mustards seeds*, Moringa oleifera Tenerife*, apple vinegar*, honey* water, sugar beet*, salt. *certified organically grown.


MoringaGarden’s mustard strong

An exceptional strong mustard with a pleasant mildness that will win you over in taste with its Moringa oleifera ingredients and use of naturally cloudy apple juice from German orchards. Its harmonious and fruity sharpness goes well with smoked products and anything that needs a hearty bite.

Ingredients: yellow, brown and black mustards seeds*, Moringa oleifera Tenerife*, apple juice*, apple vinegar*, salt, black pepper*, lemon pepper*, nutmeg*. – *certified organically grown.


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MoringaGarden’s sweet (honey mustard) and strong (mustard).

All mustards are not equal. This is why our mustard is produced in a traditional manufacturing process that has been proven over hundreds of years. Cleaned mustard seeds are broken and processed into a mustard mash with wine vinegar, water, salt and spices, along with Moringa oleifera. This is left to swell for two days. It then undergoes multi-stage cold grinding in a mustard mill with heavy granite stones. The temperature does not rise much. Only cold-processed mustard products that contain the entire mustard seed retain the valuable ingredients from the seeds for full flavour development. In industrial mustard production, the seeds are de-oiled for fast machine processing and processed under pressure and high heat.  In contrast, in our traditional manufacturing process the mustard retains its valuable, healthy ingredients and inimitable taste. So we have no need for any additives. Our mustard contains only the natural raw ingredients that are shown on the label, and nothing else.

Our traditionally produced mustard retains its natural ingredients for a long shelf life. These have an antibacterial and antifungal effect and mean there is absolutely no need for any additives or preservatives. The mustard will not really go bad, but over time it will lose its flavour and spice. The mustard loses its sharpness more rapidly on contact with oxygen. Therefore, mustard should always be kept cool and closed; ideally in a sealed glass container.



Sweet honey mustard, Strong mustard