RE-LUX – Bieplate for bier og vann

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#Re Lux

The Re Lux (Latin for light again) device transforms electromagnetic pollution. This device prevents the aggressive electromagnetic forces from entering and harming the living organism.

Unlike other such devices currently being offered, the Re Lux does not redirect or scatter the radiation – which causes it to re-surface even stronger elsewhere – but transforms it instead.

This is achieved through a newly developed potentialization process of different substances. As these substances interact, they develop a strong light-ether, which is released to the surrounding area.

One of the substances being used is gold in its purest form of 24 carat. Under certain planetary conditions the gold is exposed to the forces of the zodiac, and also exposed to sunlight for approximately seven hours.

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Re Lux – Bieplate for bier og vann

After extensive research in this field by Mr. W. Findeisen, the Ätherquelle (loosely translated: Ether fountain) was developed in close cooperation with Hohly Gesundheitsprodukte of Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany. The Ätherquelle attracts all four of the ether types described by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, differentiates and concentrates, and then reflects them.

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