Plocher kompostaktivator for kald og varm kompost

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Setter i gang komposteringsprosessen, minimerer lukt og reduserer bakterier.#Unit: 200 g

Material: Calcium carbonate


Kitchen refuse:

* Minimizes odour


* Pathogenic bacteria, fly larvae etc. have no chance to develop in an aerobic (aerobic=with oxygen) composting environment. Also weeds and their seeds are eliminated through heat as a result of thermal activity in compost.
* Vegetables grown on soils fertilized with PLOCHER treated compost contain fewer nitrates

Suggested application:

Kitchen refuse: Sprinkle each layer of organic matter.

Compost: Mix 40 g/m3 of plocher compost activator in water and pour over the compost heap, using a watering can.

Existing compost heaps: make several holes per m² and pour the mixture in. In case of very wet compost use the powder (40-50 g/m³), do not mix with water.

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Plocher kompostaktivator for kald og varm kompost 200 g  eller 2 kg



200 G, 2 KG

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