Plocher Trebrikker, smaksvitalisering mini (rund 9 cm Ø)

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Sett maten på brikken og opplev forskjellen!#Unit: Set of 6

Material: Wood, round 9 cm


Oxygen and mineral coding in the food board activate the individual aromas of foods and increase their flavour significantly.

Placing foods on the board increases their energetic value and helps facilitate a more efficient absorption. Reduces acidity and keeps them fresh longer.

* Fruit ripens faster, develops more intensive aroma
* Vegetables and bread stay fresh for longer
* Dairy products develop a more balanced flavour

Excellent for all types of groceries like cheese, sausage, greens etc., organic foods intensify their aroma even more.

Suggested application:

It only takes minutes for groceries to enhance their aroma. Simply prepare or place foods on the board.
May also be used to store food in the refrigerator.

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Plocher Trebrikker, smaksvitalisering mini (rund 9 cm Ø)

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