RE-LUX chip

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Re Lux Elektrochip – for mobiler, rutere, iPad
Str. 72 x 36 mm
ca. 0,2 mm tykk
Utligner stress fra mobiltelefonen, men fjerner ikke stråling!

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Function and application

Nowadays we need more and more protection against negative influences produced by smart-, mobile phones and Wi-Fi.

Years of research work have enabled us to develop ReLux products in order to balance and transform overpowering, negative forces emerging in our daily life. Through our ReLux products radiation is neither absorbed nor reflected. Instead, the balancing and widening Re Lux energy fields are at the disposal of the body allowing it to overcome the disturbances of electrosmog.

After an intensive work on the development of our products we have been able to integrate ReLux energies in a most effective and durable way into carbon fibres. Due to our special production process ReLux carrier material, impregnated with information, is added to the chip. Thus the ReLux mobile phone chip always has a most effective energy field at its disposal.

ReLux mobile phone chip can simply be fixed on smart-, mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers etc. or one can just place it directly in the phone case.

If you change your device you can simply take the chip off and place it on the new one.

We strongly recommend that you use mobile devices as little as possible. For practical advice on how you can reduce the amount of radiation from mobile devices at home and at work.

The Re Lux (Latin for light again) device transforms electromagnetic pollution. This device prevents the aggressive electromagnetic forces from entering and harming the living organism.

Unlike other such devices currently being offered, the Re Lux does not redirect or scatter the radiation – which causes it to re-surface even stronger elsewhere – but transforms it instead. This is achieved through a newly developed potentialization process of different substances. As these substances interact, they develop a strong light-ether, which is released to the surrounding area. One of the substances being used is gold in its purest form of 24 carat. Under certain planetary conditions the gold is exposed to the forces of the zodiac, and also exposed to sunlight for approximately seven hours.

Function and application

We need more than ever today to protect against the stress of smartphones, mobile phones, and WLAN. Our RE LUX products, developed after many years of research, allow us to harmonize and transform the ever-increasing radio loads of our everyday life. No radiation is shielded or reflected by our RE LUX products. In order to counter electrosmog, a vitalizing, balancing and expanding energy field is provided to the body.

After intensive development work, we have succeeded in integrating the Re Lux energies optimally and permanently into carbon fibers. Due to our special manufacturing process, additional RE LUX carrier material is incorporated so that the RE LUX mobile phone chip always has an optimal force field.

Shielding against electrosmog

The RE LUX mobile phone chip can be easily glued on smartphones, mobile phones, WLAN routers, etc. or directly into the protective sleeves of the devices. Should you change your device, you can replace your RE LUX mobile phone chip and attach it to the new device.

For larger devices such as tablets, notebooks or PCs, 2 mobile phone chips can be installed on the devices.

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