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Terapeutisk frekvensgenerator i rent gull, med dypdevirkning; blir brukt for behandling av alle typer bakterie- og virusinfeksjoner inkl. borreliose#Power QuickZap

The Power QuickZap ® is used for electronic nerve stimulation and can be applied to painful and aching body areas.

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation appliance Power QuickZap ® is an easy-to-use, battery-run electronic appliance for nerve stimulation. Nerve points are directly stimulated by electronic impulses, and can thus influence the body’s endogenous energy level. The Power QuickZap ® can be applied directly to the problem areas, which aids the appliance’s performance in use.

The Power QuickZap ® can be applied to painful and aching body areas. Its application cannot replace necessary treatment or professional medical advice. Nerve stimulation can lead to a positive influence by the Power QuickZap ®.

The Power QuickZap ® and the Power Tube QuickZap ® function on a different principle to Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper technology. They should not be confused with Dr. Clark’s or Dr. Beck’s Zappers.

QuickZap technology works on an alternating current basis. This eliminates the risk of transporting metal into the body and affecting the mucous membranes inherent in the use of direct current. A key advantage is that the QuickZap ® appliances are applied directly to the affected areas, which intensifies the effect and can bring positive results on pain, lack of energy and blocks.

You can see the various application options in the photos on this page.

The Power QuickZap ® consists of the appliance itself, plus two handles that can be mounted onto the appliance. The Power QuickZap ® is dispatched in a handy carrying case.

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Utleie av PowerQuickZap, pr uke

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