Gule fargebriller med lydfil

kr 590

SpektroChrom Gelb (Y)

 Munterhet og sterke nerver

Solar Plexus

Glede, optimisme, selvtillit, vilje, kraft, frihet og letthet



he Sound of Yellow

Yellow (Y)

Color properties:

  • infra-green
  • Against Colour: Purple ☾

Color analogies:

  • Tone frequency (s): 234.16 Hz
  • Note: Ais
  • Chemical elements: Be, Ir, C, Mg, Mo, Na, Os, Pd, Pt, Re, Rh, Ru, W, Sn

Color effect (s):

  • Excites the motor nerve system that activates the muscles. Builds on the nerves of the motor and sensory nervous system. (16)
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system. (17)
  • Stimulates the intestinal tract, the pancreas and the production of digestive juices to – bile acid, hydrochloric acid, etc. (digestive / digestive Cholagogum / cholagogue.). (18)
  • Increased stool frequency (Karthartikum / laxative). (19)
  • Inhibits, soothes the spleen. Brightening mind for depression and melancholy. About the portal circulation creates balance (spleen, liver).(20)
  • Expels worms and parasites. (21)

Organ (s):

  • Spleen (sedative / damping)
  • Pancreas (pancreatic) (toning / stimulating)
  • Intestinal tract (toning / stimulating)
  • Lymphatic System (toning / stimulating)
  • Motor system (toning / stimulating)


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