Gulgrønne fargebriller med lydfil

kr 590

SpectroChrome gulgrønn/lemon (L)

Friskhet og forandring

Håp, forventning, forventning, besluttsomhet, nysgjerrighet, eksperimentering og lek

(Produktbildet viser grønn, ikke lemon)


The Sound of Lemongreen

Light Green (L)

Color properties:

  • infra-green
  • Against Color: Turquoise ☾

Color analogies:

  • Tone frequency (s): 250.56 Hz
  • Note: H
  • Chemical elements: Ce, Fe, Ge, Au, Hf, I, La, Nb, P, Pr, Pa, Sm, Sc, W, Ag, Th, Ti, U, V, Y, Zr

Color effect (s):

  • Dissolves blood clots. Creates a favorable change in relation to the metabolic processes (nutrition and recovery) during persistent (chronic) diseases (chronic Alterans / metabolism umstimmend). (22)
  • Promotes expectoration of mucus and fluid from the lungs and airways.(23)
  • Builds by phosphorus effect on the bone. (24)
  • Stimulates the brain to. (25)
  • Builds the internal mammary gland (thymus) and stimulates them to.(26)
  • Stimulates the digestive system slightly (laxative / purgative). (27)
  • Creates balance again after prolonged irradiation with ultra green colors. (28)

Organ (s):

  • Brain (toning / stimulating)
  • Bone (toning / stimulating)
  • Thymus (toning / stimulating)


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