Abschirmfarbe PRO54 HF+NF 1 Liter

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Skjermende maling. HSF PRO 54 er den nyeste og teknisk sett beste skjermingsmalingen. Frostbestandig (tåler frakt om vinteren)

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Attention: All specified shielding attenuation values are valid at 1 GHz. Measurement according to ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006 or IEEEE Std 1128-1998 or ASTM A698 / A698M-07. The measurement protocol can be found under «Expertise screening».
Fire protection: This product is flame retardant and meets the requirements for fire protection class B1 according to DIN 4102-1. The test report can be found under «Expertise Fire Safety B1».
Application: wall Exterior wall Interior, ceiling, floor
Field type: HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields), LF (low-frequency alternating electric fields)
Ecology: Normal
Colour: Black

Technically our best color, which is formulated for the first time without graphite. A color for everything, if you have high demands.  Based on a high quality  pure acrylic binder . This color is frost-resistant  for parcel delivery in winter or on a pallet in shipping containers. Breathable, solvent-free, low in emissions .

Special feature

This screening color is formulated for the first time without graphite, which has many advantages:

  • Does not stain when painting with white color.
  • Shocks against the white cover color no longer produce black stripes.
  • The surface of the color film is microporous rough and provides topcoats a firm grip for excellent adhesion.
  • With 4.8 N / mm², it has an extremely high tensile strength (adhesion strength on the substrate), which is as high as that of our graphite paints.

The lack of graphite has only one drawback: The electrical resistance and thus the shielding effectiveness per coat is lower by about 10 dB. We recommend this color therefore always a two-layer coating . This achieves the usual 35-40 dB screen attenuation. The slightly higher costs due to the two-layer coating are compensated by the many advantages.

Technical specifications

  • Attenuation: Single-layer 25 dB (7.5 sqm / l) to 30 dB (5 sqm / l) , two layers  35 dB (3.75 sqm / l) to 40 dB (2.5 sq m / l) . The screen attenuation is measured regularly in our own EMC laboratory. We have measurement set-ups according to the following standards: ASTM D4935-10, IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEEE Std 1128-1998, ASTM A698 / A698M-07.
  • General:  Our shielding based on carbon materials have many advantages, see  General Properties .
  • Coverage:  Single layer (5 to 7.5 m² / l), in two layers (2.5 to 3.75 m² / l).
  • Surface: inside and outside. Excellent adhesion to nearly all surfaces such as old paints, gypsum boards, wallpaper, plaster, concrete, polystyrene, wood, etc.
  • Topcoat recoated preferably with plastic bonded emulsion paints, silicate emulsion paints, facade paints and silicone resin paints. We do not recommend pure mineral paints (clay, limestone, reinsilicate). You will find specific product recommendations in the technical data sheet. Due to the high adhesive strength (according to ETAG 004 for ETICS with at least 0.08 N / mm²) directly under pure organic plaster, no mineral plaster!
  • Grounding : Must be grounded! We recommend the grounding tape EB2 plus grounding plate GW (GB) plus earthing plug GP, in the outdoor area the fiber additive AF3 plus grounding plate GE.
  • Ingredients:  Water, pure acrylic, carbon fibers, carbon black, additives, preservatives (MIT, BIT).
  • Technical data: VOC content: 0.2 g / l (the EU limit value for category A / a is 30 g / l in 2010). Sd value: 0.1 m. PH value: 8. Tensile strength: 4.8 N / mm². Shelf life: 12 months. Color: Black. More technical data in the table overview .




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