Spectrum Analysator Profi Set HF /LF Spectran PRO-Bundle 3

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Bundle 3

This EMF and
RF site survey kit includes the SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4 RF analyzer, SPECTRAN
NF-5030 EMF analyzer and HyperLOG 60100 EMC antenna.

Simple yet
accurate field measurement instrumentation is necessary for a safe environment:
Our EMF and RF Survey Meter kit include a E and H field probe, a EMC antenna
and easy to hold instruments for less accessible measurement locations such as
towers and ladder access situations.
The need to monitor personnel exposure is an ongoing concern. The compact size
and simple operating controls of the SPECTRAN RF Survey Analyzers offer the
perfect solution for all telecommunications service providers.
Commercial Radio, Broadcast, TV: TV transmission and high power broadcast
facilities are required by government regulators in most countries to limit RF
exposure to both the employees and general public.
Industrial: A safe workplace for employees is an important responsibility for
all companies. EMF employee exposure safety guidelines now exist in most
countries. IEEE, ICNIRP, and national standards provide guidelines for worker
RF exposure. The Pro-Bundle 3 Survey Meters are a cost effective means of
monitoring workplace safety.
Health Care Facilities: Concerns regarding medical personnel exposure and
potential electromagnetic interference are more easily addressed with the
Aaronia site survey meter. Safety and biomedical personnel can now have easy
access to measurement tools for monitoring RF exposure and equipment
interference issues.

 Patented technology:

on a patented spectrum analyzer method Aaronia can offer professional RF
and EMF site survey measurement at a spectacular price level.

sources of interference, find out more about their causes, determine the
frequency and intensity of the signal sources, measure limits and boost
the functionality by using our high-end PC software via integrated USB.


HF-60100 V4

  • Frequency
    1MHz (9kHz with Option 900) to 9,4GHz
  • DANL:
  • DANL
    with Preamp:
  • Lowest sample time: 5mS
  • Accuracy:
    +/- 1dB (typ.)


  • Frequency
    1Hz to 1MHz (30MHz)
  • Magnetic
    field (Tesla):

    1nT to 2mT (typ.) expandable up to a amount of Tesla with PBS1
  • Only
    with Option 005, 12bit DDC:

    1pT to 2mT (typ.) (Tesla)
  • Magnetic
    field (Gauss):

    10µG to 20G (typ.) (only with option 006)
  • Only
    with Option 009, 24bit resolution:

    10nG to 20G (typ.) (Gauss)
  • Electric

    0,1V/m to 20kV/m (typ.)
  • Analog Input:
    2µV to 200mV (typ.)
  • Analog
    Input with Option 005 DDC:

    200nV to 200mV (typ.)
  • Accuracy:
    3% (typ.)

1x HyperLOG 60100

  • Frequency range:
    680MHz to 10GHz

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Spectrum Analysator Profi Set HF /LF Spectran PRO-Bundle 3

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