Plocher Groundwater vitaliserer grunnvannet

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Dette produktet støtter grunnvannets selvrensende og regenererende egenskaper. Perfekt til brønnen i hytta eller lignende vannreservoarer.#Unit: 2 kg

Material: Calcium carbonate


This product supports the self-cleansing and regenerating forces in ground water and helps to:

* Transform various pollutants and nutrients
* Stabilize and vitalize ground water naturally

Suggested Application

Tanks and cisterns:
First application up to 100 m3 – 3 g/ m3; up to 1000 m3 – 2 g/m3; more than 1000 m3 – 1 g/ m3.
Add 1 g for each m³ of additional water.

Wells, boreholes and springs:
For an average consumption of up to 8 people:
First application 100 g, subsequently 50 g every 14 days.

Indoor fountains / humidifiers:
Up to 2.5 l water – 1 g per week;
more than 2.5 l water – 1 g/ 2-3 times per week.

The ideal solution for wells and boreholes is a combination of plocher ground water and the application of the plocherkat.

Recommendations for successful ground water protection:

Unfortunately ground water is often contaminated with various harmful substances, chemicals, toxins etc.

This can be prevented. “Fight the causes not the symptoms” and help nature to regenerate and stabilize itself by attending to soil health and vitality.

Application of PLOCHER garden and agricultural products help to protect our valuable ground water.

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Plocher Groundwater vitaliserer grunnvannet


200 g and 2 kg



200 G, 2 KG