Plocher akvariestav til saltvannsakvarium og ferskvannakvarium

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Akvariestav for å redusere algenivå, minimere mulig lukt, og hjelpe vannets iboende rensningsevner.#Unit: Piece

Material: Clay


* Supports the intrinsic purifying powers of water
* Reduces algae to a more acceptable level
* Minimizes possible odours
* Less work cleaning
* Stimulates spawning
* Better survival of juvenile fish
* Increases resistance to infections
* Strengthens aquatic plants
* Reduces nitrate concentration

Suggested application:

1 stick for 50 litres of water. The plocher aqua sticks are distributed evenly in the aquarium and intended for permanent use.
Optimal water quality is attained by combining the plocher aqua stick and the plocher water stabilizer with minimal input.
Clean stick once a month.

Recommendation: For even better results feed plocher fish supplement in addition to commercial fish food.

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Plocher akvariestav til saltvannsakvarium og ferskvannakvarium, 1 stk



Saltvannsakvarium, Ferskvannakvarium