Plocher Aroma-Aktivering Dolomit 125g

kr 150

Naturlig smaksforsterker#Unit: 100 g

Material: Dolomite


plocher aroma booster activates and intensifies the natural aromas in food and drinks.The energetic value is optimized and foods and drinks are easier to digest.


plocher aroma booster is used in small quantities, just like salt, to improve and activate the individual aromas of vegetable, fruits, sauces, soups, salads, juices, spirits, coffee and many others.
Can be added while cooking, baking or preparing meals.

Test yourself:

Prepare two cups of coffee and add plocher aroma booster to one cup. Compare the aroma.


Vitalize your tap water with the plocherkat.

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Plocher Aroma-Aktivering Dolomit 125g