Plocher Harmonizer for Jordstråling og Elektromagnetisme

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Denne gjenstanden harmoniserer effekten fra elektromagnetisme og geopatisk stress; vannårer, bevegelser i undergrunnsplater, kryssninger i Hartmann og Currylinjer og lignende. Den kan plasseres i et sentralt sted i hjemmet eller under setet i bilen. Den v#Unit: Piece

Material: Clay (21 cm Ø)


The earth has an energy field to which living organisms (humans, animals, plants) have adapted through the millennia and from which they draw part of their energy. Living in areas where this natural energy field is disrupted may cause geopathic (geo=earth – pathos=suffering) stress with adverse effects on metabolic processes, weakened immune system, ability to sleep etc.

The disturbance of the energy field may be caused by water veins, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, moving underground plates, under ground cavities or at intersections of Hartmann and Curry lines. The plocher harmonizer is based on Roland Plochers 15 years of experience.

Many testimonials and tests confirm the results of a more relaxed and harmonic energy level of humans and animals. Specific information imprinted onto the harmonizer disc changes the geopathic disturbance into a revitalizing environment, protecting an area up to 29 m around its placement.

In case of more severely affected people it is advisable to get used to the harmonizer over a period of time otherwise possible “withdrawal” symptoms could occur. If this is the case drink 2-3 l of water treated with the plocherkat or still mineral water for the first few weeks.

Suggested application:

The plocher harmonizer should be centrally located in the basement.

Alternatively it could be placed on the ground floor in or below the bedroom but not under a bed. Ideal places are under a wardrobe or on a shelf.

Protection whilst driving: Place the harmonizer under the seat of your vehicle or in the boot.

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Plocher Harmonizer for Jordstråling og Elektromagnetisme