Plocher Immunmirakel – planteformel

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Immunforsterker – spesiell informasjon fra planter med antibiotisk virkning#Unit: 10 g

Material: Silica

plocher immune formula is a plant derived supplement that carries specific antibiotic information. Supports and strengthens the immune system.

The energetic imprints of selected plants are transferred without the actual plant materials. The carrier material silica is modulated with the energetic information, but the chemical analysis of silica is not changed.

Suggested application:

Prevention: A pinch or 1 measuring spoon once weekly mixed with water or, depending on the individual situation, 1-2 measuring spoons or a pinch daily.
For topical use mix with PLOCHER creams and apply.


Drink plenty of water vitalized with the plocherkat.

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Plocher Immunmirakel – planteformel 10g eller 70g



10 g, 70 g