Plocher jordaktivering 1-2-3 (1sett)

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Jordforbedring i tre trinn. Løsner og aktiverer jorda, gir friskere planter og større avling.#Unit: Each 1,5 kg/Litre

Material: Dolomite, molasses, magnesium sulphate

We recommend the application of plocher soil activator-set 1-2-3 in combination.

By using all three products a better and faster result is achieved.

The 3 carrier materials activate different root zones and the soil is able to regenerate in a shorter period of time.This leads to good composting of harvest trash. With time unwanted weeds may reduce.


* Area composting (harvest trash/ subsequent mowing)
* Activating soil life, hygiene through composting
* Good tilth
* Activated and regenerated soils support longer growing periods and a firm turf
* Mineral and trace elements are easily accessible for plants


For crops, pastures, orchards, horticulture, vineyard.

Use the products in combination until a good soil quality is achieved (after harvest and in spring).

Dissolve plocher soil activator-set 1-2-3 with 200 g/ml/ha in warm water.

Reduce to 150-100 g/ml/ha when soil quality has improved.

Can be mixed into slurry that has been treated with plocher slurry and applied as usual. Do not mix with slurry in slurry pit.


It is recommended to spray in the evening and before upcoming rain.

Mix plocher soil activator-set 1-2-3 with water the evening before application. Stir again before spraying.

To improve composting of slurry/manure, plocher manure (bedding) and plocher slurry (slatted floors) is recommended.

Regenerated and activated soils optimize the use of farm produced fertilizers, nutrients are better accessible for plants.

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Plocher jordaktivering 1-2-3 (1sett)