Plocher planteaktivering 125g

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Aktiverer og setter i gang vekstprosessen i planter. Gir mer vitalitet og styrke og lar plantene nå deres biologiske optimum.#Unit: 125 g

Material: Dolomite


Even with small doses of plocher plants development in roots, leaves and flowers are optimized.
All indoor, balcony or garden plants show more vitality, are stronger and reach their biological optimum.

* More resilience and better recovery in dry periods and when transplanted
* Strong growth of root stock increases nutrient uptake, less fertilizer is needed
* Improved photo-synthesis
* More leaves and flowers
* Better resistance against pests
* More nutritional value and better taste


Treatment of seeds: to improve germination and encourage faster growth, add a pinch to the bag

Rooting solution: 10 g per 10 l of water. Dilute left over solution with the same amount of water and use for watering seedlings.

Soil for seedlings (potting mix): 2 g per 20 l soil. Dissolve plocher plants with water and apply.

Pot plants: 2 g per 10 l water/1-4 times a month, as needed.

Garden: 3-6 g per 100 m²/ 1-4 times a month, as needed.

Lawn: 5 g per 100 m² once a month.

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Plocher planteaktivering 125g