Eterkilde Ferrum

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After extensive research in this field by Mr. W. Findeisen, the Ätherquelle (loosely translated: Ether fountain) was developed in close cooperation with Hohly Gesundheitsprodukte of Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany. The Ätherquelle attracts all four of the ether types described by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, differentiates and concentrates, and then reflects them.

The Ätherquelle is constructed of ether-permeable wood. The highly energized substances within the wooden structure stimulate the flow of the free ether forces from the atmosphere towards the Ätherquelle.

From the centre of the Ätherquelle a column of energy radiates in a centripetal manner out to several hundred meters in opposing directions. Composed primarily of Life- and Sound-ether, this energy is a vitalizing one.

The space around the Ätherquelle is evenly filled with a centrifugal energy field which is experienced as harmonizing. It consists of Light- and Warmth ether, and ranges from 10 to 45 meters in size, depending on the strength of the Ätherquelle, as well as atmospheric conditions.

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