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bioenergetic transformation of geopathogenic zones (earth rays)

The Geometh device, measuring just 21x21x1.3 cm (8.27×8.27×0.5 inches), transforms the negative radiation of rocks. These earth rays may be caused by underground breaks, cracks, shifts, caves, conglomerates, underground rivers, or intersections of reticules (Hartmann, Curry, etc.).

One device is usually enough for one sleeping place or an entire room, depending on the extend of the interference. It is designed to operate virtually endlessly, and gives off a maximum of transformation power indefinitely. It does not store up the negative energy, and is completely maintenance free. The existing negative energies are not redirected or scattered – which causes them to re-surface even stronger elsewhere – but are dissolved instead.

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After extensive research in this field by Mr. W. Findeisen, the Ätherquelle (loosely translated: Ether fountain) was developed in close cooperation with Hohly Gesundheitsprodukte of Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany. The Ätherquelle attracts all four of the ether types described by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, differentiates and concentrates, and then reflects them.