Radonmåler Pro Radim 3 A for professjonelt bruk

kr 63 000

Radim 3A: High-performance Radon detector at a most competitive price level. These instruments record short-term variations of the Radon concentration together with the additional parameters: temperature, air pressure and humidity.

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The Radim 3A Radon monitor is designed for the continuous determination of indoor Radon concentrations. It additionally logs the environmental parameters: temperature, air pressure and absolute humidity. The Radim 3A can be permanently run on an external power supply or for about 40 days with the built-in rechargeable NiMH-batteries. Only three buttons are required to operate the instrument, which is by menu prompt.

The length of a measuring cycle is freely programmable from 10 minutes to 24 hours. The max. acceptable Radon concentration is about 150000 Bq/m3 for an 1 hour measurement. The instrument’s response is 0.8 Imp/h per Bq/m3.

All measured values are stored in so-called «blocks», for which the total measuring time as well as the length of the measuring cycles are programmable. The complete memory of the Radim 3A can store as many as 16096 measured values.

The Radim 3A Radon monitor can be programmed and controlled directly or via software. The MS-Windows compatible software allows the graphical presentation of the results as well as a simple export of all data to an Excel/Word document.