Skjermende tapet HF+LF | YCF 80-100

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Shielding wallpaper fleece with 80 dB. Interior use as base wallpaper. High ecology. By our own production.

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  • Order quantity: In measures of 1.0 running meters. This product is cut off according to your specifications, a return is not possible. Please request a free sample before an order.
  • Screening attenuation: Attenuation values applies to 1 Ghz. Measurement to ASTM D4935-10 / IEEE Std 299-2006 / IEEEE Std 1128-1998 / ASTM A698/A698M-07.
  • Grounding: Electrically conductive. Can be contacted and grounded to shield electric fields (LF). Please find corresponding components under «Grounding». A recommendation here is difficult because this depends on the application. Please ask us!
  • Application: Wall interior, Ceiling, Floor
  • Field type: LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency)
  • Attenuation: Very high (over 60 dB)
  • Ecology: Very high
  • Color: Silver, Beige

YCF 80-100 is a one-side metallized fleece wallpaper for the shielding of high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). The white wallpaper base fleece comes from the worldwide biggest manufacturer and is certified to FSC© Mix Credit. This fleece wallpaper has a very high dimension stability before, while and after processing. Compared to our wallpapper made from eco-paper, this fleece wallpaper has some advantages: The wallpaper paste can directly applied on to the wall and the wallpaper can be layed directly in the paste bed without soaking time. For removal the wallpaper can be pulled off in one go.

Special feature

Very high ecology: Almost all EMC shielding products become metallized in a “chemical” procedure. A lot of chemicals are needed for the production of copper- and nickel-layers. Our new coating process allowes to completely apply the metal on the base material with the use of air and green electricity only, without chemicals. The ecological awareness for this is very high. High vapour permeability: Instead of an area-wide application the metal alloy is applied spattered on the base material. This is why all serial Yxx products are highly vapour diffusive.


Only interior on walls and ceilings as base wallpaper. Applicaple for loose laying, if the wallpaper is protected against mechanical damage.

Technical data

  • Width: 100 cm
  • Lenght: By the meter, 20 m roll, 100 m roll
  • Attenuation: 80 dB
  • Weight: 240 g/m²
  • Thickness: 0.15 mm
  • Tensile strenght: 2.7 – 4.4 kN/m
  • Color: White / Gray
  • sD-value: Upcoming
  • Surface conductivity: 0.008 Ohm (Square resistance)


Loose laying / stapling: Always overlapp the single elements for at least 5 cm. Do consider that there should be no gaps / holes.

Bonding the metallized surface in direction wall: The issue is, that for a proper grounding, the sheets must be electrically connected with each other. Usually this is attained by using the grounding strap EB1, which is connecting the single sheets with each other. When bounding the sheets with the metallized surface in direction wall this is not possible. If you still decide to do though, you will have to apply the grounding strap EB1 to the wall first and then adhere the sheets with standard wallpaper paste onto the wall. This will give a slightly chance that the metallized side will be contacted with EB1. Because this depends on the glue, we recommend to carry out experiments.

Bonding the metallized surface in direction room: This is the best solution, even though the result is not so nice. But in return, all sheets subsequent can easily be connected with EB1 and grounded then.

Edge to edge or overlapping: Ideally the sheets should be glued on overlapping to achieve the best attenuation. As a next step the overlapping should be smoothed with a fine filler. However, you wont achieve a perfect even surface. Alternatively you can glue on the sheetsedge to edge as normal for wallpapers. This will cause a low loss of attenuation.



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