Purpur fargebriller

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SpectroChrome Purpur(P) – 15 minutter i sola er nok!

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(mangler lydfil)

Purple (P)

Color properties:

  • circulatory
  • Against Color: Scarlet ☀

Color analogies:

  • Tone frequency (s): 194.18 + 172.06 Hz
  • Rating: G + F
  • Chemical elements: Br, Eu, Gd, Tb

Color effect (s):

  • Inhibits the kidneys and adrenal glands. (53)
  • Reduced sensitivity to pain. Relaxed and promotes sleep (hypnotic / sleep inducing). (54)
  • Strengthens the venous function. (55)
  • Reduces blood pressure. (56)
  • Dilates blood vessels (vasodilator). (57)
  • Lowers the heart rate. (58)
  • Reduces the kidneys and adrenal activity, and also that of the chromaffin system (hormonliefernde cells), systemic front and rear. (59)
  • Reduces body temperature (antipyretic / antipyretic). (60)
  • Insulates on malaria and fevers / relapsing fever, the fever and high blood pressure a (malariabekämpfend). (61)
  • Inhibits the affective and reproductive systems, attenuates the emotional level. Stabilizes the sex drive and sexual power by reducing stimulus sensitivity and desire, if over-pronounced. (Anaphrodisiac / sex drive damping). (62)
  • Moderates blood pressure between the heart and lungs. Contained a pulmonary hemorrhage. However, some cases of scarlet and magenta to speak better. As a guideline, the relationship between cardiac and respiratory rate is to be applied. However, there are doubts as purple is to be preferred. The above procedure also applies to certain cases of dry cough. (63)

Organ (s):

  • Adrenal (sedative / damping)
  • Kidneys (sedative / damping)
  • Veins (toning / stimulating)

System reference:

  • Sleep (sedative / damping)
  • Birth (sedative / damping)
  • Pain (sedative / damping)
  • Temperature (sedative / damping)
  • Sexual function (sedative / damping)
  • Blood pressure (sedative / damping)