Drive – Clip-on

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Kjørebriller for bedre nattsyn – nå også som Clip-on for deg som benytter briller!

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Product information «PRiSMA CLiP-ON driving glasses Drive Day&Night – CP923D»

PRiSMA Driving CLiP-ON – DRiVE Day and Night
filter tint: DRiVE
1 pair of CliP-ON filters for fitting onto prescription glasses
1 soft pouch pouch

PRiSMA Driving CLiP-ON- DRiVE Day and Night
Ideal driving CLiP-ONfor day and night time use.
PRiSMA filter lenses DRIVE Day and Night for exceptionally clear sight. Irritating reflexes are minimized, which is especially important for driving by night.

The driving CLiP-ONPRiSMA DRiVE Day and Night are suitable for road traffic by day and night. The light transmission meets legal requirements for night use in road traffic (EU only!) The light of modern and widespread xenon and LED headlights is very bright and contains a lot of blue. Many people experience it as irritating and dazzling. The special PRiSMA blue light filtering glasses greatly reduce the blue content. The result is a comfortable, non-agressive vision with enhanced contrasts. In the daytime, the filters increase sharpness and contrast. Use in nighttime can decrease the strain on the eyes considerably