PRiSMA® DRiVE Day&Night

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Prisma Drive bedrer kontraster og nattesyn! Merkbar forskjell både dag og natt!

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PRiSMA® motorists glasses DRiVE Day & Night
Filter Category 0th
1 eyeglass frame in pearl blue gray
1 pair extra lenses: DRiVE
1 Microfiber Bag

PRiSMA® filter glasses DRIVE day & night for extra-clear view.Interfering reflections are minimized, which is important especially for driving at night.

Motorists glasses PRiSMA® DRiVE Day & Night is suitable for use when driving in the daytime and at night. The transmission properties of the glass filter used comply with all the requirements for night driving ability. The light of the modern and increasingly frequent place Xenon headlights is very bright and blauhaltig. Many people find it uncomfortable and dazzling. Due to the special blue filter glasses of PRiSMA® the high proportion of blue is significantly reduced. The result is a soft and pleasing to the eye high contrast visual impression.


PRiSMA® DRiVE Day & Night is the perfect glasses for driving. The special yellow filter glasses with their intense and extremely pure colors are a feast for the eyes. Through the filter properties of these lenses increase both the visual acuity even so the contrast enormously. Interfering reflections and sichtverschlechternde blue components are reduced.

During the day, thereby improving the sharpness and contrast sensitivity. The nervous system is supported by the color yellow and the ability to concentrate can benefit from positive. Used at night can be achieved with these glasses an extremely eye-relief effect.


With PRiSMA® DRiVE Day & Night you will experience a completely different and more relaxed feel while driving!

With the vitrifiable Corrections-clip for eyeglass frames «SPECTRUM» now also wear glasses have the opportunity to use the PRiSMA® SPECTRUM® optimally vitalbrillen® the model. Suitable up to about +/- 5 diopter, not for progressive lenses. Matching lenses according to your individual prescription for Corrections-clip, please contact your optician.


Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning with enclosed microfibre bag or warm (not hot) water and soap or detergent. Then dry with a soft cloth.Please make sure that when you brush no strong pressure is applied to the glass surfaces to avoid premature wear of glass coatings.
Please only use appropriate cleaning agent so that the fine structures of the glass surface are not affected!
Do not use paper towels and other wood fibrous tissues, as not to cause premature wear of glass coatings.
Abrasion due to frequent use over time are normal and do not require any warranty claims.


– PRiSMA® filter technology
– high blue light protection
– reducing glare
– sharp and contrasty view
– relaxes the eyes
– light and comfortable
– even when wearing glasses
– optician quality
– UV400; 100% UVA and UVB filters
– CE 89/686 / CEE, Pr-En-1836: 2005


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PRiSMA® Motorists Glasses DRiVE Day & Night Framework in Pearl Blue gray, PRiSMA® CLiP-ON DRiVE Day & Night, PRiSMA® Motorists glasses DRiVE Day & Night Framework in Pearl Silver