SpektroChrom Color Glasses Manual by Dr. med. Alexander Wunsch

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ISBN 978-3-94-675312-4
Book with spiral binding, transparent protective cover and 96 pages

SpektroChrom® Color Glasses Manual by Dr. med. Alexander Wunsch

The Spectro Chrome Method was developed by the Indian scientist Dinshah P. Ghadiali. Dinshah was one of the pioneers for the therapeutic use of colored light . In its classical sense, the Spectro Chrome Method is applied by directing colored lights on large areas of naked skin. But Spectro Chrome is also a system centered around the Spectro Chrome Color Wheel with its twelve beautiful colors. The superior arrangement and exact definition of colors were the basis
for the development of the SpektroChrom Color Glasses. They are easy to use and can be applied almost everywhere. The glasses can be used as a separate form of therapy, applying the color through the eyes, but they are also an ideal addition to the classic Spectro Chrome Method.

This book is a guideline for the use of these color glasses. It is suitable for beginners that want to get an easily understandable summary of the theory and method. However, experienced therapists who want to enable their clients to use the wonderful effects of colors also outside their practice will benefit from it as well. In addition to the “instruction manual” for the SpektroChrom color glasses, the book contains the Spectro Chrome Color Wheel according to Dinshah as well as explanations of the effects of the different colors and color groups. The appendix introduces possibilities of combined application with color music, psychoacoustic techniques and the Lüscher Color Diagnostic.

About the author

Alexander Wunsch is a physician and light therapist with a private medical practice in Heidelberg, Germany. More than 25 years ago, his interest for holistic medicine led him to the biophysical application of colors, sounds and vibrations. This resulted in several patents and a large number of devices, for example for colored light therapy. He is considered an expert for the Spectro-Chrome Method, which he has been concentrating on for more than two decades. He has accompanied the development of the SpektroChrom Color Glasses from the beginning as the scientific consultant.