Databriller PRISMA Classic FREIBURG-LITE

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Den klassiske og rimelige varianten av brillen som beskytter mot blått lys fra skjermer og moderne belysning. Varianten Freiburg finnes også i variantene PRO og LITE.

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Product information «PRiSMA blue light blocking glasses FREiBURG bluelightprotect PRO – F709»

Up-to-date blue light protection, highest protection effect with PRO lenses.

Healthy eyes in modern times

Modern flatscreens (PC, TV, tablet, smartphone) emitt a light with a strong content of short wavelegth blue light. Scientific studies have shown that this light can damage the retina of the eyes. Do you know about burning, red eyes after working on the computer for a long time? Light with a high blue light content greatly influences the hormonal balance and can lead to sleeping disorders (disruption of melatonin production). Watching TV in the evening without blue light protection increases the stress on the hormonal balance, so that many of us cannot „switch off“ even at night, and regeneration is impaired.

Our filter glasses protect your eyes by filtering out the dangerous blue content.

Did you know?All blue light protection is not the same

Our lenses are produced according to up-to-date filter and measurement technology. Developed by physician and light biologist Alexander Wunsch, they guarantee highest scientific standards.

Which filter is the right one for you: PRO or LiTE?

This product: PRO filtering lenses Maximum blue light protection with 99%
Please note: The stronger filter tint PRO need a longer adjustment period for color recognition than the lighter LiTE. LiTE gives you a better color rendering with a shorter adjustment period than PRO, and is suitable for watching TV, and therefore recommended as a „beginners filter“.

blue light protection LiTE approx. 95% (380 -500nm)
reduction of reflections
contrast enhancing
reduces eye strain
relaxes the eyes
light and robust
100% UV400 filter

Included in delivery:

1 pair of bluelightprotect glasses LiTE with anti reflective coating

1 hard case with microfober cloth.

Included in delivery:

1 pair of bluelightprotect glasses PRO with anti reflective coating

1 hardcase and microfiber cloth.