Plocher Elektrostress anheng

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E-smog anheng som nøytraliserer effekten av elektromagnetisk stråling, og gjør disse mer kompatible for kroppen. Gjennom kinesologiske tester kan vi konstantere at effekten er merkbar selv etter kort tid.



Electricity produces a certain electromagnetic field that negatively interferes with humans, animals and plants own energy field.

The plocher e-smog-pendant changes these fields into compatible ones for the living organism. Through Kinesiology and other methods in Natural Medicine we can establish that the effects are noticeable even after a short time.

The e-smog-pendant is for personal protection against harmful radiation but does not change any emissions from appliances.

Suggested application:

The pendant should have body contact and should be worn as long as desired.


We recommend drinking an adequate amount of water (2-3 l per day), vitalized with the plocherkat.
Reducing electromagnetic radiation and geopathic zones allows the body to start self cleansing and elimination processes and water is needed to flush out toxins.

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Plocher Elektrostress





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