Earth FX jordingslaken 100×200

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Jordingslaken – leveres med jordspyd og jordingskabel!

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EarthFX Special grounded bed sheet made from organic cotton and woven silver threads, connected with a ground rod.

The health benefits of these earthing sheets includes that the body pulls electrons from the ground while sleeping, this improving sleep quality and regeneration while sleeping.

Induced electricity in your body from electrosmog is discharged and you get better relaxation and balance. The system has a grounding effect whilst you sleep, and the effect is the same as if you are standing barefoot in the grass; body tension is released and the body pulls electrons from the ground instead of using its own supplies. Inflammation can usually be alleviated or removed, since adding more electrons makes it easier for your body to regulate inflammation.

Both of these factors make the regeneration processes more efficient. Sleep is important for the body to recover and repair, and these processes occur more effectively when grounded. For that reason the earthing sheet can help you sleep less and feel more rested when you wake up. If you cannot connect the grounding bed sheet with ground rods, you can plug it into a grounded plug. But since the effect is greater with the rod, we supply rod and long cables by default.

(The Half Sheet is not a fitted sheet).