Erdungsstab GR-40

kr 220

Stainless steel grounding rod for materials which can be changed.

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Application: Grounding
Color: Metallic
Stainless steel earthing rod 40 cm for groundable fabric products. This grounding rod is suitable for stationary products (Earthing products Exx, canopies Bxx, bed linen, sleeping bag, etc.). It is not allowed to ground any fixed shielding products (paints, fabrics, wallpaper, etc.).

We recommend this grounding rod especially for our Earthing products Exx. This allows you to reach a more genuine and natural earth contact.

Scope of delivery: Stainless steel rod 40 cm with connector, cap, shrink tube with adhesive inside for waterproof sealing.
For a grounding with our system, you also need a cable GC-1000 and the Klettanschluss GV, see “Grounding: …” below.