Grounding plugs set GX-W (for all countries)

kr 420

Grounding plug for portable products. Set with base and 8 adapters. For all countries.

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Application: Grounding
Color: White, Silver
Safety instruction: Danger to life by wrong grounding! Examination and installation only from a licensed electrician in grounded 3-prong networks with an earth leakage circuit breaker less than 30 mA.

Grounding plug for groundable fabric products like earthing-products, canopies, sleeping bag, bedding, etc. This plug is suitable for portable products (canopies Bxx, earthing-products Exx, etc.). It is not allowed to ground stationary shielding products (paints, nettings, fleeces, wallpapers, etc.) with this plug.

Suitable in all countries. Our recommendation, if you are not sure

  • Scope of delivery: Grounding plug with 4 connection points, 4 solder plugs, 8 country adapters;
  • For a grounding with our Velcro-system, you need additionally a cable GC and the Velcro-plate GV, see our bundle offfer below in the gray box.