#After extensive research in this field by Mr. W. Findeisen, the Ätherquelle (loosely translated: Ether fountain) was developed in close cooperation with Hohly Gesundheitsprodukte of Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany. The Ätherquelle attracts all four of the ether types described by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, differentiates and concentrates, and then reflects them.

Function and application

The minerals powder treated by the special space potentialing process is melted in borosilicate glass in a German glassblower and processed into trailers.

Due to its convex shape, a very powerful energy field can be built up.

The Aetherquelle Ferrum pendant can build a refreshing energy field, stimulate and energize the body’s energies, stimulate self-healing and promote the ability to concentrate in everyday life.

The Aetherquelle Ferrum pendant can be worn around your neck, or be placed directly on stressed body parts.