Rørepinne for maling, AR42

kr 74

Rørepinne, spesielt utviklet for 1-liters maling

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Paint stirrer to mix up our shielding paints. Our 1-liter paint containers have an opening of 40 mm diameter. None of the usual paint stirrers will fit in this opening. That is why we have developed a stirrer by ourselves. Our paint stirrer is mixing up shielding paints quickly and consistently, even in slim and high paint containers.

Since 2014 we use new pigments in our shielding paints, which provide a better attenuation, but  quickly settle at the bottom of the paint containers. Please use this paint stirrer together with a drilling machine or cordless screwdiver to make sure to stirr well our shielding paints.

Technical data

  • Diameter: 2 x 4 cm
  • Lenght: 33 cm