Silvered ply yarn Y300, Cone 23 cm, 14625 meter

kr 3 100

Sewing ply yarn for conductive seams and connections.



Application: Accessories
Field type: HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields), LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields)
Color: Metallic, Silver

As a 2-ply yarn for sewing shielding fabrics and conductive nettings, if a high attenuation is needed between textile seams. Further to sew and embroider functional textiles (heatings, sensors), as antennaconductor, etc. We ourselves use this yarn in a zigzag machine to sew on the hook-and-loop fastener HAL and sew in the zip fastener ZIP in all of our groundable textile products.

  • Highest quality from Germany due to the following certifications and approvals: ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2000
  • Compared to China-yarns with an essential better resistance

Technical data

  • Lenght: 14,625 Meters
  • Delivery: On a 23 cm cone
  • Weight: 450 gramms
  • Resistance: 200 Ohm / m
  • dtex: 117/17 unsilvered, 300 silvered
  • Tenacity: 34 cN/tex
  • Elongation: 23 %
  • Raw materials: Polyamide, silver