HF Analyser HFW59D Plus

kr 20 240

Opens up the well-proven common advantages of the broadband measurement technology of Gigahertz Solutions for this frequency range. Bundle with the frequently ordered preamplifier and the new omnidirectional antenna UBB2410 at a reduced price.

Frequency range: 2,4 – 10,0 GHz

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FULL 10 GHz.
Maximum video band width for the demonstration of the shortest radar pulses (< 0.5 µs). Optimized Peak Hold function (patent no. DE 103 34 886). HV20_2400G10 included for maximum sensitivity within the full frequency range: 0.01 mW/m² display resolution for measurements of weakest WLAN signals. Includes an especially shielded log-per antenna with excellent directional characteristics. Integrated steep high pass filter at 2.4 GHz reliably suppresses the often dominant GSM and DECT frequencies. In addition it comprises the 360° omnidirectional antenna UBB2410, fundamental for long-term measurement recordings, especially helpful for the identification of radar signals with an unknown location of the transmitter. Calibrated AC measurement output for the demodulated signal, scalable DC output. The meter is especially designed for peak measurements of modulated signals ("pulse" mode).