HF Analyzer HFEW 35C set (Måler høyfrekvens, utvidet frek)

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apparater i et set – tilsammen dekker de praktisk talt alt som stråler
rundt degt av trådløse enheter, fra TETRA og Digital TV via
mobilstråling helt oppp til WLAN og radar. Mye rimeligere enn å kjøpe
HFE35 C og HFW35 C hver for seg.#

It supports all above mentioned
«common advantages». The extra broad frequency response of the
quasi-isotropic antenna and the characteristics of the two devices offer
an outstanding overview over the exposure, a determination of suitable
remedial actions, as well as a control of their effectiveness.
– This set is based on the well established HF Analysers HFE35C and HFW35C.

The frequency response includes radio, TV, TETRA, the usual mobile
communication services, DECT, as well as several radar frequencies and
new services, such as the upper WLAN band or WImax. And everything
– This set also enables a quantitative differentiation
between pulsed and unpulsed radiation corresponding to the building
biology recommendations for the frequency range of 2.5 GHz to 6 GHz.
– Detailed information to be found in the specific product descriptions.
– The plastic case K5 for a safe transportation of the measurement devices plus antennas is included in the scope of supply.

Technical data:
– Frequency Range:  27 MHz to 6 GHz
– Measurement Range: Power flux densitiy: 0.1 – 1999 uW/m²
– Accuracy: Basic accuracy including linearity tolerance : +/- 6 dB
Zero offset and rollover: +/- 9 digits
– Sensor: Logarithmic-periodic antenna with frequency response compensated directly on the antenna
Quasiisotropic ultrabroadband antenna («omni»-characteristic) aligned for vertically polarised field

Audio Analysis: Modulation frequency and an acoustic signal
proportional to the field strength supports the identification of pulsed
sources of radiation (GSM,DECT etc.) and of an increased exposure.
– Signal Rating: Display of peak and average values
– Weight: 2,32 kg

Scope of delivery:
–  Kit consisting of the HF Analysers HFE35C and HFW35C
–  the quasi-isotropic antenna UBB27_G3
– the plastic transportation case K5
– manual

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HF Analyzer HFEW 35C set (Måler høyfrekvens, utvidet frek)