Opsjon 002 Tidsbasis ti Spectrum Analysator

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Nyutviklet produkt#RF-Analyser kit HFE59B
Our first class HF-device including UBB antenna and accessories. This kit, based on the HF59B, offers an excellent dynamic response of approx. 93 dB. The innovative functions of the basic device HF59B in combination with the broad frequency response of the UBB27 offers outstanding possibilities for the evaluation of high frequency. Its functions and features are tailored to the needs and practical experiences of the building biology. Due to its comparably low price, it is often also used for scientific and industrial purposes, especially in the sector of EMVU and product development (precompliance).

Set offer consisting of the HF59B and a wide range of accessories:

* Horizontal isotropic ultra broad bandwidth antenna UBB27_G3 from 27 MHz up to beyond 3.3 GHz (limited by the frequency response of the HF59B).
* 800 MHz high pass filter HP800_G3 for the suppression of low frequencies when measuring with the log.-per. antenna of the HF59B.
* High frequency preamplifier HV10_27G3. Increases the measurement range by 10 dB (by a factor of 10) – important when wanting to reduce the increased noise background in the radar or UMTS/3G-mode.
* Attenuator DG20_G3: Increases the maximum measurable value by 20 dB (or by a factor of 100) to 1,999 mW/m² (= 1.999 W/m²).
* Plastic case K2 with shaped foam filler for a safe transportation of all components. Offers enough space for yet another Gigahertz Solutions measuring device (high frequency or low frequency).

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Opsjon 002 Tidsbasis ti Spectrum Analysator