Ultrabreitband Hochfrequenz-Analyser-Set HFEW59BD plus

kr 40 106

Splitting the extra broad frequency range into two measurement units has proven to be of great advantage, especially concerning the analysis of the higher frequency ranges as these often remain hidden behind the dominating mobile radio and DECT frequencies.

Frequenzbereich: 27 MHz bis 10 GHz

Ikke på lager, tilgjengelig som restordre


The frequencies covered by this kit contain amateur radio, radio, TV, TETRA, the common mobile radio services, cordless phones, radar (including the densely used band from 8.5 to 9.5 GHz), as well as both WLAN bands, WiMAX, etc.. And of course everything inbetween.
For technical details please check the information supplied on the pages of the individual meters.
The attenuator DG20_G10 contained in the kit is suitable for both meters.
For a safe transport of the meters and antennas, the kit is supplied in a plastic case (K2).