Elektrostatik Sonde ES-NFA

kr 3 490

A low-cost possibility to extend the measuring range of your NFA.

Frequenzbereich: 0 Hz


Product information «Elektrostatik Sonde ES-NFA»
  • For a measurement of the electrostatic charging of surfaces. A useful aid when choosing material conducive to the indoor environment, such as carpets, curtains, or others.
  • For a measurement and control of electrostatic chargings in the electronics production sector as well as in the paper, textile and plastics industry.
  • The charging voltage of up to +/- 10,000 Volt is displayed with a resolution of 1 V plus its polarity.
  • Spacers ensure that an exact distance be kept to the object to be measured, and thus enable an easy and precise measurement.
  • The electrostatic induction measurement procedure applied does not need any movable or flexible parts, which in turn allows for a robust instrument of a handy size.
  • Delivery in an antistatic transport case.