LF Analyzer 3951 A (Måler lavfrekvens, proff)

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ETC 3951 A

Profesjonelt måleinstrument for analyse av elektriske felt etter TCO standarden. Instrumentet er likt EMT 9351 A har ikke sensor for måling av magnetiske felt.
Båndbredde 5 Hz.

# For tests at the work place, for building- geobiologists. Simplifies policy-compliant E-field measurements in inaccessible places, when testing sleeping areas or when removing low-field electrical installations.

Includes all features of EMT3951A, but without a magnetic field sensor.

     * meter
     * Highly flexible grounding cable of 1mm diameter copper
     * Grounding Clamp
     * Internal NiMH battery
     * AC adapter
     * Various adapters
     * Detailed operating
     * Easy custom “bag” made of corrugated PP
     * Calibration Certificate

– Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 400 kHz (-1 dB limit)
– Measuring range: electric field strength: 199.9 V / m up to 1999 V / m Resolution: 0.1 V / m to 1 V / m (mating potential)
– Accuracy: Accuracy: + / – 2% (normal vs. calibrated at 50 Hz)
– Linearity: + / – 0.2 V / m (at 50 Hz) Offset: + / – 0.4 V / m (at 50 Hz)
– Sensor: TCO sensor for electric and AC magnetic fields from 5 Hz to 400 kHz with built-in frequency filter module
Audio Analysis: acoustic signal proportional to field strength (with a “Geiger counter” effect, switchable)
– Signal detection: F1B2H31 frequency filter: 16 Hz bandpass, 50 Hz – high-pass, high pass 2 kHz for building biological analyzes to identify railway and power and higher frequency harmonics
– Signal output: Test ports for exchange signals to 30 kHz (1/10-scale: 400 kHz) and DC signals

Test mode for offset correction and battery check display stand adapter option
Warranty: two years
Weight: 1280 g

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LF Analyzer ETC 3951 A (Måler lavfrekvens, proff)