Målekoffert MK70 -3D proff (NFA 1000 & HF 59 B (HF & LF)

kr 39 500

De beste måleapparatene for høy- og lavfrekvent måling, til redusert pris, samlet i en stabil koffert.

# Electrosmog measuring kit «Profi» MK70-3D
for the professional analysis
Professional equipment with a worthwhile price point.

–This set consists of our two top models, the NFA1000 and the HFE59B. The quasiisotropic antenna of the HF-device has special advantages for the building biology immission measurements, the identification of so-called hot spots, and additionally extends the analysed frequency range down to 27 MHz. It therefore also includes the TV- and radio-frequencies, as well as the TETRA standards which are to be introduced all over Europe. The NFA1000 with its 3D sensors for E & M, FFT analysis, and data logger is definitely a convincing instrument.

Technical data
Further Questions:  Two years warranty, please see individual products for specifications
Weight:  2,6 kg

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Målekoffert MK70 -3D proff (NFA 1000 & HF 59 B (HF & LF)