Målekoffert MK70 -3D profi pluss 2.2 (NFA 1000, HFE59D, HFW59 D, FF10,TC

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Målekoffert MK70 -3D profi pluss 2.2 –  De beste måleapparatene for høy- og lavfrekvent måling, til redusert pris, samlet i en stabil koffert. Her har du ALT for profesjonell måling av EMF. Settet som velges av de fleste byggbiologer.

Product information «Electrosmog measuring kit «Profi plus» MK70-3D plus 2.2″
Adds the following components to the MK70-EW:
For the HFE59B: The FF10 frequency filter for a quantitative differentiation of the most widely used radio services. Easy to use with a simple keystroke.
In this kit BOTH HF analysers are fully equipped with their respective 360° Omni antennas UBB27 and UBB 2410, for a highly efficient and at the same time particularly meaningful sleep place investigation, and as a basis for long-term recordings.
The NFA1000 in this kit is complemented by the TCO3 probe, for example to measure workplaces in accordance with the guidelines and to inspect low-smog electrical installations.
The potential-free equipment holder allows for an accurate and duly 9-point measurement of sleeping places.
The instruments are supplied in a sturdy plastic case, the molded foam insert of which protects the instruments perfectly.
For technical details to the individual meters contained in this ket, please refer to the respective product pages. In the following please find a summary of the highlights:
The HFW59D extends the frequency range to REAL 10 GHz. The included preamplifier for this device increases the display resolution to 0.01 µW/m².
Both RF measuring instruments have fully compensated antennas with minimal ripple and a very good compromise between DF capability and measuring characteristics. What they both have in common is a maximum VBW of 2 MHz for displaying the shortest radar pulses (< 0.5 µs) with optimized peak hold function (patent no. DE 103 34 886) as well as AC and DC outputs and a battery pack that is clearly superior to the 9 V block.
The NFA1000 impresses with integrated (!) 3D sensors and recording capability for the magnetic and electric field, an intelligent frequency analysis, especially for «dirty power», and a spare input for connecting the HFE59B or the HFW59D for parallel HF recording.
Particularly important for the building biology practice is the principle followed in the NFA 1000 of a display reduced to the essentials during measurement, with parallel recording of a maximum database for later analysis. An audio note recorder links both worlds.
For detailed specifications and technical data of the individual devices, please refer directly to the corresponding product pages.
In addition, it goes without saying that all the common advantages of our measurement technology are fulfilled, such as:
Our devices are fully frequency compensated, i.e. no frequency range is overestimated, underestimated or even ignored.
In addition, our measurement technology always shows the SUM of ALL interference sources present at the point of measurement, not just the strongest frequency, as is common in the cheap – allegedly – very broadband detectors launched in recent years.
The two performance features mentioned above are extremely important for a meaningful measurement and are technically very difficult to implement. This is also the reason for the unique position of our instruments in their respective price class.
All of this happens continuously in real time and is inherent in the system – this makes meaningful measurements possible considerably faster than with a spectrum analyzer, which is also an advantage with regard to much more expensive and complicated measurement technology.
The measured values are displayed reliably and directly in the units of the precautionary building biology values. Without any calculations being necessary.
All our HF analysers are also equipped with a full-fledged LogPer DF/measuring antenna. This sets them apart from compact pocket instruments without external antenna. These allow users to detect and measure even hidden sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF). The measurement can take place both indoors and outdoors (take care to protect the measuring device from moisture!).
The audio analysis function allows a differentiation of most radiation sources, such as mobile radio, WLAN/WiFi, DECT, radar etc., even for technical laymen without electronic expertise, simply by listening and comparing with the offered sound samples.
Detailed step-by-step measuring instructions are included with all our instruments. Of course, these also contain the recommendations for building biology reference values – so even people without technical experience can reliably assess the level of exposure.
Not to forget: All of our electrosmog meters are patented many times over, have been tried and tested thousands of times all over the world, and are trend-setting in their price class in terms of measuring technology.

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De beste måleapparatene for høy- og lavfrekvent måling, samlet i en stabil koffert. Her har du ALT for profesjonell måling av EMF.

# Electrosmog measuring kit «Profi plus» MK70-3D plus2.2
for the professional analysis
Professional equipment with a worthwhile price point.

Product information «Electrosmog measuring kit «Profi plus» MK70-3D plus 2.2″
MK70-3D plus:
  • The MK70-3D with the following additional devices:
  • HFW59D (2.4 – 10 GHz) incl. HV20 and UBB2410
  • TCO3 probe for the NFA1000
  • PM1 potential-free holder
  • Capacious plastic transport case

Technical data
Further Questions:  Two years warranty, please see individual products for specifications
Weight:                4,76 kg