PM1 potensialfri stativ for LF måleapparat

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Enkelt stativ (av tre) for å kunne gjennomføre potensialfri måling av lavfrekvente elektriske feltLF-Analyser ME3851A
for professional LF analysis

This device represents the low cost access to the professional, quantitative low frequencymeasurement technology. It is suitable for measurement certificates,

comprises all features of the ME3840B, however additionally offers:

* Responsivity increased by a factor of 10 (display range: 0.1 V/m to 0.1 nT)
* A NiMH battery, a battery charger and a power supply unit inclusive
* An AC- and a DC-output
* Increased reliability by the use of a test switching mode for the zero deviation
* Perfectly suitable also for potential-free measurements with the help of the potentialfree mounting for LF measurement devices

* Technical Data

Frequency Range: 5 Hz bis 100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).
Measurement Range: 1-2000 nT V/m
0,1-200 nT V/m
Accuracy: precision : +/- 2 %, +/- 7 digits
Sensor: E-Fieldsensor for electrical LF- fields
H-Fieldsensor for magnetic LF-fields
Audio Analysis: An acoustic signal proportional to the field strength with ? Geiger-counter-effect? helps
identifying regions with increased exposure.
Stromversorgung: recharchable NiMH battery inside the meter
Outputs: AC- and a DC-output
Further Questions: 2 years warranty
Weight: 1050 g

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PM1 potensialfri stativ for LF måleapparat