UBB27_G3 Quasi-isotrop Ultrabredbånd-Antenne

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Ultra bredbånds antenne
beregnet for instrumentene HFE35C, HF59B og HFE59B. båndbredde fra 27 MHZ – 3,3

# Ultra broadband
antenna for RF-Analysers UBB27_G3 suitable for: HFE35C, HF59B, HFE59B. The
outstanding parameters with regard to the frequency linearity and the
responsivity render this antenna a very useful equipment for broadband
measuring devices for the definition of the total exposure to high frequency

* From 27 MHz to far beyond 3.3 GHz*: For the
measurement of the primary high frequency ranges: CB and amateur radio,
directional radio, TV and radio (digital and analogue), TETRA, GSM, radar,
DECT, UMTS, WLAN, and more.

* Overall (non-directional) reception:
Horizontal isotropic directional pattern – a fundamental feature for long-term

* Compact construction: Identifies so-called
hot spots.

* To be attached directly onto the HFE35C or
the HF59B. *

* Limited in real terms by the frequency
response and specifications of the respective HF analyser.

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UBB27_G3 Quasi-isotrop Ultrabredbånd-Antenne