Skitten Strøm Måler (Dirty Electricity Monitor)

kr 1 490

Enkelt måleapparat som stikkes i vegguttaket for måling av skittenstrømmen i kretsen.

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Dirty Electricity Monitor Technical Specification* The monitor displays levels of dirty electricity in the low to medium radio- frequency range present upon the Mains Power system. A summation of the individual transients provides a relative, transient noise level which effectively indicates high, conducted transient activity produced by most pluggable electrical products. The maximum allowable product transient emissions is governed by statute under current European norms, however this does not yet pertain to energy levels perceptible by humans or animals. The monitor is tuned to observe only these transient levels for the purposes of reducing them to below perceptible levels via the use of special filters. The monitor circuitry ignores the 50/60Hz fundamental frequency that electrical products are designed to be powered by and in turn, the filters are designed to reduce pulse-type interference and ‘dampen’ the transient energy. In industry, this is standard practice to help manufacturers meet stringent EU Directives pertaining to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The system is low cost, robust and specifically designed for use by non-technical people. The levels are displayed in GS units (since no standard term is available). The GS units are a popular relative measure of harmful energy which reflect the sum the rate of change of voltage over time (dV/dt) caused by unwanted transient signals.