VV5 Classic Tinnbronze DG

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#The vortex process in VV5 …

In the VV5 vortex process, the water is channelled with high pressure, in a constant flow path, in double-helical, anticlockwise rotation into a vortex chamber. At a clearly defined point of inversion, this anticlockwise rotation is transformed into clockwise rotation, a process through which suction emerges. Then the atomized water streams out of the chamber. A series connection of several vortex chambers makes it possible to create a rhythmic alternation of pressure and suction, of laminar and turbulent flow.

… and in nature

The change of pressure and suction you can also find in natural rivers: Water is sucked into the rapids, there it wins plenty of speed and gets atomized. This dynamic process keeps the water molecules, which are responding to each other, in constant motion.

Easy to use

Simply unscrew the existing water port and start enjoying the fresh and vitalizing effect of the energized, whirled water.

Optional Accessories:

* Duran glass silver
* Storage set (blue dish + extension with switchable tap)
* Extension with switchable tap

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VV5 Classic Tinnbronze DG