Maunawai PIPRIME 4l Vannrenser for optimalt drikkevann

kr 4 990

PIPRIME er det unike filteret som gir vannet kildevannskvalitet – rent og friskt og lett opptakelig.

PIPRIME K8 har en 4l vannbeholder i krystallglass med livets blomst inngravert i bunnen. Utviklet fra den japanske PI-forskningen og produsert i Tyskland. En rekke langtidsstudier viser usedvanlige resultater.Leveres med apparat og beholder, med antimikrobiell kran, PIPRIME-filter, kalkfilter og keramikkfilter


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Vannfiltersystem fra Maunawai med PIPRIME filtersystem for optimal drikkevannskvalitet.

The MAUNAWAI water filter system is based on the latest PI technology. But what is PI technology anyway?

PI means vital energy

The PI symbol was already used more than 5,000 years ago by the Sumerians. The Sumerians are the oldest known civilisation in history. In the middle of the 4th century B.C. they migrated from the east and south-east into southern Mesopotamia. PI was used in their cuneiform writing system to denote vital energy.

Learning from nature

PI water was discovered in the 1950s as part of research on plant physiology.  The Japanese scientist Prof Shoi YAMASHITA of Nagoya University increased the focus on plant research and, in 1964, discovered  that the living water in plants is significantly different from drinking and spring water in terms of its physical and biological characteristics, and is very similar to the water in our own body’s cells. In 1985 YAMASHITA named this living water PI water.

The aim

The ultimate aim of PI research is to transform tap water into living PI water. Today’s system was developed by observing what happens in nature. This means that the MAUNAWAI water filter system simulates the processes that water goes through in nature.

The MAUNAWAI water filter system is based on the latest findings from PI research and is a well-established, clean technology which makes research findings available to everyone.


The filter system used is produced especially and exclusively for MAUNAWAI and is only available in MAUNAWAI water filter systems.