MEASURING SUITCASE MK20 (ME3080 & HF 35C (HIGH and low-frequency)


Measurement case MK20 (ME3080 & HF 35C (high- and low-frequency)

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one best selling combination for low- and high-frequency measurement Tues reduced price; the best of the affordable appliances, easy to handle, in a stable case. Everything you need for common measurements.
# Electro Smog measuring kit MK20 for an easy evaluation of yourpersonal exposure Combines all common Advantage.
– Contains the instruments ME3830B and HF35C.
– Allowsa an easy evaluation of the personal exposure two HF and LF electro smog According To the guidelines and recommended safe values of the Standard of Building Biology Measuring Techniques (© Maes, IBN).
– The HF-device includes the very Useful feature of an acoustic analysis for a reliable identification of the various pulsed HF sources, and the LF-device has an extended frequency range Designed to also measure the artificial harmonics.
– For detailed Specifications of the devices Please refer to the respective product descriptions.