A low-cost possibility to extend the measuring range of your NFA.

Frequency range: 0 Hz

*Designed to be connected to the NFA400/1000



  • High-precision one-dimensional measurement of constant magnetic fields
  • Resolution of only 10 nT (therefore even the smallest geomagnetic anomalies can be identified)
  • Switch to select between absolute and relative measurements
  • To be connected to the CH4 jack of your NFA, while power is supplied via the earphone jack (no need for batteries). This way, measured values can also be recorded and commented through the integrated voice recorder

Technical Data:

  • Frequency range – 0 Hz
  • Measurement Range –  10 nT-100 µT
  • Precision –  +/-10% (50% rH, 20°C)
  • Sensor – Hall probe
  • Audio Analysis – Acoustic signal proportional to the field strength (with “Geiger-counter effect”, switchable)
  • Power supply – via the NFA

Available Downloads: