LF ANALYZER ME 3830 B (GAUGE low frequency, 5 Hz – 100 kHz)


frequency analysis ME3830B- for an easy evaluation of LF-exposure

This is THE
device for technical amateurs – especially easy to operate. It supports all
Mentioned above “common Advantages» and it allowsa a straight forward
assessment of the exposure, a determination of remedial actions payed, as
well as a control of Tre Archi effectiveness.

Comp Rises
all features of the ME3030B, and additionally offers:

Clearly extended frequency range: from 16 Hertz to 100 Kilohertz. This
frequency range (in Accordance with SBM) also includes the higher
frequencies caused by, for instance, energy saving lamps, switching-mode
power supplies, electronic dimmers, or monitors, wooden are considered
especially critical.

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Frequency Range:
16Hz –
100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).
Measurement Range:
flux density (unidimensional): 1-1999 nT
Electric field strength: 1-1999 V / m
+/- 2%, +/- 14 digits @ 50/60 Hz
sensor for electrical LF fields
H-field sensor for magnetic LF-fields (one-dimensional)
Audio Analysis:
signal proportional to the field strength with
Electric power supply:
9 Volt
Alkaline manganese battery (included), average operation time 24-36 hours
Signal Rating:
Further Questions:
2 years warranty
0.42 kg

LF analyzer ME 3830B

This is a German quality instrument as well suited for measuring low frequency electromagnetic fields in your own home, at work or in outdoor areas. The device measures fields from the train, mains (50 Hz and harmonics), CFL / LED, electrical appliances, power supplies, energy saving lamps, electronic dimmers, induction cooktops and the like.

The device is intended for personal use.

The instrument measures the low frequency magnetic fields (M-field) and electric field (E-field). The device is very easy to operate and has a scale that is easy to read. Measured values ​​expressed in units that are commonly used (V / m and nT) – no conversion is necessary when comparing with limit.

The device has sound that can be turned on / off. The audio signal varies with the field strength – a feature that is useful when to find sources of radiation.

The instrument is called one-axis type (fields measured in one axis at a time)

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Frequency range:
16 Hz – 100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).

Measuring range:
Magnetic field (flux density): 1-1999 nT
Electric field strength: 1-1999 V / m

Accuracy: +/- 2%, +/- 14 digits @ 50/60 Hz

E-field sensor for electrical LF field (one-axis)
H-field sensor for magnetic LF-fields (one-axis)

Audio Analysis: acoustic signal which is proportional to field strength “Geiger counter effect”

Power supply: 9 Volt Alkaline battery (included), average life 24-36 h.

Low battery indicator, Auto-off function.

Measuring principle: RMS

Weight: 0.42 kg

The appliance comes complete with the following equipment:
Monitors, grounding cable, battery and operating instructions (English).