Silicon, magnesium, beeswax, gold, spruce tonewood

19 x 17 x 5,5 cm
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Function and application

It is not widely known that the invading from outside and cause the generated in the room itself hops loads. Fewer, however, the phenomenon of “dirty electricity” (Engl dirty electricity.): From – is disturbing tensions into the room to spread power lines – often poorly insulated.

The RE LUX ionizer has been specially developed for converting the interference of poorly insulated cables and electrical equipment. It acts directly on the house power lines and all attached devices (for converting the radio fields on the other hand, we have RE LUX II, III and RE Re Lux LUX rock flour on).
Installation is simple: the Re Lux ionizer is mounted with the supplied Velcro to the fuse box. There have not changed any installations or lines are interrupted.

Note: in their own home wireless technologies are as DECT phone and wireless use, we recommend as a first step towards reducing electromagnetic switching to wired devices.